• We take your safety very seriously and are following all government and health recommendations to make our properties as safe as we can.
  • We have had to adjust our arrival and departure times to allow for the extra cleaning required.
  • We are using anti-viral cleaning products and steam to reduce the risks as far as we are reasonably able.
  • you should take all recommended precautions to reduce your own risks, wash your hands frequently, and do not travel if you have symptoms.


As Covid is now a known risk, and cover is available within travel insurance our standard cancellation policy will apply should you develop symptoms and be unable to travel.

Should you develop symptoms during your stay we recommend you immediately return home to your permanent residence to self-isolate. Should you be unable to travel and no one in your party is able to assist you to return home we will require you to contact a health professional immediately to request a test. Should the advice be that you need to self-isolate in our accommodation there will be a fee to cover all costs related to relocating or refunding any guest due to arrive in the accommodation during your isolation.

We strongly recommend you take out adequate travel insurance.

Before you travel to us please be sure you can answer No to all of the following:

    • Are any of your party exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19?
    • Have any of your party been tested positive for Covid-19 within the last 14 days?
    • Are any of your party self-isolating for symptomatic reasons?
    • Have any of your party been knowingly in contact with a person who has been tested positive for Covid-19 during the previous 14 days?

All guests will immediately inform us and return home to self-isolate if, during their stay:

    • They exhibit symptoms of Covid-19 or
    • They test positive for Covid-19 
    • In an exceptional circumstance, and with our agreement only, guests who cannot immediately return home and who stay in their cottage to self-isolate will be responsible for all normal charges and costs for the cottage and any costs of relocating or refunding any guests due to arrive during their period of isolation. They must also comply with the following:
      • All guests must stay in their property and not visit any public spaces
      • Guests must use local food delivery services only and advise them of their condition.
      • All communications and checkout must be remote
      • There will be no property servicing or repairs unless in an emergency
      • Rubbish must be placed outside the front door at a prearranged time
      • There must be no outside visitors to the property other than medical personnel.
      • Guests must remotely contact us prior to checking out to provide an update on their condition.

We will not be liable for any costs or claims whatsoever arising from any of these actions.


In the event that we have a confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19 in a cottage then a special cleaning regime will be initiated after those guests leave. This may affect the arrival date of the next guests.

    • Under these circumstances we may defer, at our discretion, the start date of your stay by up to typically (but not limited to) 24 hours to initiate a special cleaning regime to ensure we minimise the risk to you.
    • We will refund pro-rata for any nights lost from your holiday.
    • We will not be liable for any other costs or claims whatsoever arising from these actions.



  • Food must be removed and disposed of and all waste bins emptied in to the general bins provided by the front door.
  • There will be no interim servicing of the accommodation
  • No maintenance will be undertaken within the property while guests are staying unless it is deemed by us as essential or an emergency