About Us

A little history

Gamekeeper’s Cottage is in the South Wing of Tallentire Hall, and was built around 1590. The attached tower is believed to be from 1290, with the remainder of the Hall being built in 1863.

There has been a home on this site since 1086 when the Manor of Tallentire was deeded to Odard son of Lyulph in the aftermath of the Norman Conquest.

Tallentire Hall previously had 4 farms and almost 600 acres of land as part of its estate, giving work to many in the local area. The farms are all still in existence but are now privately owned and no longer part of the estate. The green houses used to supply the estate with its fruit plants for the extensive gardens have been demolished, and the building converted to a private residence .

Tallentire Hall was used during WWII to house evacuee children.

Martin and Ann purchased the Hall in 2016 and are slowly attempting to return it to its former glory.

We are still working on the woodland areas and the main gardens, which will include some tree felling at times, so we respectfully ask you to check with us about planned works before you enter these areas for everyone’s safety. We are opening more of the woodland areas as work progresses, and we are restoring the footpaths as we find them.